Beer must always be poured in a glass to fully enjoy it. Why? Drinking beer from a glass allows you to perceive the aromas in a better way, and aroma impacts so much in the way we perceive flavors; drinking straight from the bottle restricts your sense of smell and the full experience of taste. And you want to feel the full Fiesta LATINA in your palate right?

When you pour the beer inside a glass the carbonation process activates, creating a nice beautiful foam and every tiny bubble releases aroma, that mixes all the tastes in your tongue.

There’s an endless classification of glasses and cups to drink beer, and each is designed to enhance different types of beers and their unique characteristics. We don’t want to overwhelm you with this vast information, but what we can do is recommend two types of glasses we believe suit perfectly with Fiesta LATINA.

Pilsner Glass
It enhances the colors and shades of golden beers. Since it’s a little wider on the top, it allows aromas to fly freely and it keeps foam for a longer time which prevents oxidation.

Hour glass
It keeps the flavor of the beer inside, but allows the aromas to go up. It also showcases perfectly the color, density and smell of our beer.

So now you know this, ask your bartender for the right glass to enjoy Fiesta LATINA all the way!

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