Beer is probably one of the most popular and unpretentious drink. We like to drink it watching a game, go to a near pub after work for relaxation, after a long day at home or maybe to have a casual conversation with people we love. This refreshing beverage has gained distinction in recent years and breweries around the world offer a wide variety of tastes and classes.

This nobility of the drink has allowed it to grow and expand its consumption. Today, consumers are more concerned with the processes of production, fair trade, originality and authenticity; is in the crest of this trend that comes a new outtake of the classic drink: an original agave beer.

Fiesta Latina is unique in its process, taste and ingredients. You’ll find nothing like this elsewhere, our fresh Ale offers herbal and fruity notes, that come from the combination of blue agave tequilana weber, yeast from the UK, hops from Germany and Czech Republic that deliver a fresh and special taste for your delight.

With Fiesta Latina you can keep the casual and relaxed mood but still have a sense of trying something out of the ordinary. Let us improve every day moments!

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