We’re all very familiar with the term “pairing” when it comes to red and white wine.

But, how about beer? We’re used to think about beer as a compliment to a reunion with friends, something that can be tasted along a pizza, nachos, peanuts, pretzels etc. Simple and generic snacks.

We believe there’s a vast world of flavor that could be enhanced by Fiesta Latina. For example you could go with fresh cheese, like mozzarella, goat cheese, feta or ricotta, they’re mild cheeses with great texture that you can combine with toast or a fine bread. Our herbal and fruity notes would burst in your palate with these combinations.

Or maybe you’re hungrier than that? A Mediterranean pasta with seafood would be a wonderful choice, or maybe a grilled fish like salmon with asparagus and butter, or maybe a tuna tartar with a touch of avocado and olive oil. Or maybe you don’t feel like jumping into the sea flavors, and you would like a beef carpaccio with arugula, or if you’re more in the mood of remembering the forest, a grilled portobello with rosemary and garlic would make you feel like you’re walking on a fresh environment and a sip of Fiesta Latina would make you taste the fresh air up to your heart.

These are just some examples to whet your appetite, make your own combinations, try new things and let us know about your findings, after all, life is a fiesta, a Fiesta Latina!

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