Mexican Culture has too many faces and can’t be defined in just one way. Mexico is a colorful country, with a rich gastronomy that changes and evolves throughout the territory with practically no limits in flavor, colors, textures or ingredients. We can say the same about traditions and folklore. Every state has its own music, its own fabrics and dances. We find different ways of speaking and many different ways to express the same feelings. Mexico has great artists in every discipline and creative entrepreneurs that are always seeking to find better and new ways to do things. Mexico has a history as producer of beer, we are familiar with brands that have presence all around the globe, we can even remember their presence in film and television! We also have a personal love story with agave, our tequila is a signature spirit in the world. It was just a matter of time before these two came down together, and that impulse to do things differently, brought them to new grounds. We’ve certainly witnessed how in the last years craft beer has boomed offering new flavors and a more integral experience when drinking a beer. The same has happened to Tequila and Mezcal, that are now privileging a more traditional way to rescue original flavors and quality.

So, we couldn’t stay put, and we’ve created the one beer in the world that’s 100% made from agave.

Let’s talk about doing things differently, about daring to view things in a way that no one has before. Fiesta Latina is not just a beer with an original flavor, it’s a statement on creativity, on experimenting to reach perfection in a new flavor. A true pioneer, when it comes to talk about innovation and offering new things.

Tasting and enjoying it is the last phase of this experience. It’s for those who are avid like us, to try new things in the world. It’s for those who love the Mexican way.

Fiesta Latina is the agave beer you’ll never forget.

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