Let’s talk about the favorite part of a meal: dessert. We believe a proper get together is not complete until you feel the sugar on your palate.

There’s a catch though, when it comes to sweetness, you don’t want it to be the protagonist, you want it to have a perfect balance and complete a culinary experience to wrap things up the most honorable way.

Even if you’re only having dessert – let’s say you’re in pamper-yourself mood and you’re only in for the sugar- you still want it to be subtle and with a taste that reminds you why heaven feels so close when those sugary textures enter your mouth.

Today we have a special suggestion, you already know Fiesta Latina, and you know is the first 100% agave beer, light-flavored and refreshing. You can pair this original beer outtake with mild sweet flavors.

Maybe something like an Apple Strudel would perfectly match its fruity vapors, or maybe a dessert combining berries and cheese would leave an unforgettable new taste in your mouth. Or let’s say you’re ready to offer some sugar for your friends, and you don’t want to go into all that baking and mixing, put together a Dessert Cheese Platter with light or semi-hard cheeses and figs, grapes, pears, apples, or dried fruits. You can add your favourite nuts and your favorite jam, raspberry or cherry jam are always great choices, et Voilá!

As you see Fiesta Latina is an eclectic and original way to enhance your moments, share with us if you have more ideas!

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